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Purchase RLSC Membership

1. Login to your Swim Central account and select the padlock at the top right corner and enter your family ‘PIN’.

Note: If you are an individual not attached to a family group, purchasing for yourself, you will not require a pin.

2. From the menu options select "Store", select "Memberships"


4. Select the member who you are purchasing a membership for

Note: You will have to purchase for EACH member separately

5. A list of available memberships for which they meet the age criteria will display.

6. Select the appropriate membership by selecting "Add to Cart for John" at the bottom of the product tile

Note: Membership filtering for age is based on the age of the member on the membership start date.

All Membership Options for Redcliffe Leagues Swimming Club are as follows:

  • 23/24 Competitive Swimmer 9 & Over – for Competitive swimmers wishing to compete in intra-club meets

  • 23/24 Recreational Swimmer 9 & Over – for Recreational swimmer wishing to swim ONLY at Club Nights

  • 23/24 Swimmer 8 & Under – junior swimmers 8 and under 3 | Page RLSC

  • 23/24 Come n Try Swimmer – for a maximum of 3 weeks for Club nights only

  • 23/24 Second Claim Swimmer – membership for second claim members, who are financial members of another club

  • 23/24 Parent – membership for parents

  • 23/24 Non Swimmer – membership for a non-swimming member

  • 23/24 Coach – membership for Coaches only – documentation required

  • 23/24 Accredited Technical Official – Technical Official certificate required

7. Continue to add memberships to your cart by selecting ANY ADDTIONAL members and then finding the appropriate membership then adding to cart as required.

***Note: To obtain the FAMILY DISCOUNT offered, you need to complete the purchase of ALL membership products in the ONE transaction. Swim Central will then automatically apply the family discount accordingly to your shopping trolley.

8. Once all memberships have been added to your cart select "Shopping Trolley" at the top of the page

9. At the Checkout:

  1. Confirm all details are correct and assigned to the correct name

  2. Enter name on credit card

  3. Enter card number, expiry date and CVC

  4. Read and agree with Terms and Conditions

  5. Select "Buy Now"

10. A screen saying "Thank you for your purchase" shows with a summary of your purchases, click on the ICON that says “set as Primary Membership” to make Redcliffe Leagues Swimming Club your Primary Club and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.

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